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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
  • SHUNHAO Melamine Compression Machine PLC Parameters Setting---The distance adjustment of the rising and slowing down after mold closed
    The production of melamine tableware is a seemingly complicated production process because there seem to be many parameters that need to be adjusted. However, once you get started for a few months, you can sum up several important parameters. 1. Adjust the distance of rising and turning slowly before close the mold. 2. Adjust the molding time according to the product size. 3. Adjust the temperature according to different raw materials. 4. Adjustment of exhaust distance, exhaust wait, and exhaust time. 5. Adjustment of the decal time (almost the same, only fine-tuned). 6. Adjustment of the glazing powder time (almost the same, only fine-tuned). Today Shunhao Factory will introduce the first point in detail: before the mold is closed, the distance adjustment of the rising and slowing down, this needs to be adjusted on the stroke plate of the machine (see the picture below)   The button for rising and slowing down can be adjusted up and down and behind it there is a proximity sensor. This button is close to the sensor, and the light is on, indicating that the position starts to work from fast to slow. When the worker finishes placing the raw materials, press the forming button (CURING) of the machine, and the machine starts to rise rapidly to close the mold. Therefore, adjust the button to decide when to change from fast to slow. In order to help customers know more clearly, please read through the following details. For Plate Making Raw materials run faster in plate mould then the button for rising and slowing speed can be adjusted downwards to close the mold as soon as possible. For Deep Bowl Making Raw material needs more time to fill the entire cavity of the deep bowl mould, then the mold needs to be closed slowly, and the mold should be fully closed when the raw material has filled the entire cavity. If the mold has been completely closed before the raw materials have filled the mold, then there will be a problem: the oil pressure gauge shows that the pressure keeps dropping, although the mould is completely closed. Therefore, those buttons on the stroke plate on the right side of the machine are very useful. We can fine-tune the action to make the machine and mold perfectly matched, which is also an advantage of extending the service life of the machine. We hope this article is useful to you, please continue to support Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory!
  • Precautions for the Operation of HF Preheating Machine
    High-frequency preheating machines are widely used in the molding industry, such as semiconductor discrete electronic components, integrated circuits, other microelectronic packaging, motor commutators, melamine (melamine) melamine tableware, plastic appliances, etc. As a key step in melamine compression molding, preheating can enhance the fluidity of melamine powder and improve the surface gloss of molded products. The high-frequency preheater produced by Shunhao Factory is very easy to operate, but there are still a few operating matters that the operator needs to pay attention to. 1. In order to prevent damage to the machine, it is necessary to ensure that there is no excessive water and dust in the preheated material. 2. The surrounding environment where the high-frequency preheater is placed cannot be humid, dusty, or high-temperature direct sunlight to ensure the normal heat dissipation function of the vacuum tube. 3. The machine needs to be installed with good quality and well connected to the grounding wire. 4. After the machine is powered on, make sure that the cooling fan of the vacuum tube works normally. 5. The machine needs to be warmed up for 10-15 minutes before running or shutting down for one hour. 6. Insulating materials should be placed at the upper and lower ends of the machine, and no direct contact is allowed, otherwise, the machine may be damaged. 7. When high-frequency output, in order to prevent accidents, do not use low-frequency and low-voltage instruments such as multimeters and test meters. 8. Regularly check the high-frequency preheater to see if there is any burnout, damage, malfunction, etc. 9. If the machine often sparks, it needs to be repaired in time.
  • How to Choose 718 Mold Steel?
    After introducing the 718 mold steel, Shunhao Mould Factory will share with you the selection standard of 718 mold steel and hope it will be helpful to you. 1. When selecting the hardness requirements of 718 mold steel, avoid the hardness range that produces temper brittleness. The lower temperature limit of carbon steel is about 250℃, while the upper limit temperature of temper brittleness of alloy steel is about 350~300℃. 2. The selection of mold material has certain requirements to prevent cracking. Alloy steel has better hardenability, slow cooling and quenching, less thermal stress and structural stress, and less cracking tendency. Carbon steel has poor hardenability, large quenched structure stress, and thermal stress, and is easy to crack. 3. The mold designer reasonably formulates the actual technical conditions according to the use performance and the selected steel grade to pursue the highest hardness value of the steel grade. For 718 steel molds, when the heat treatment technical requirements cannot be met, the requirements that have little impact on the life can be appropriately relaxed to avoid multiple repairs and scraps. 4. Strengthen the quality inspection and management of mold raw material. 718 mold steel is the most commonly used steel for melamine tableware. The molds produced by Shunhao Molds Factory guarantees to meet the technical requirements in the selection of mold steel to ensure the service life and quality of the mold, and can also meet the production requirements of the tableware factory(economical and durable). Therefore, Shunhao has won the trust and affirmation of the majority of customers. Shunhao mold purchasing hotline: +86 15905996312 Email: machine@hongancn.com
  • Introduction to 718 Mould Steel
    718 mold steel is called "advanced plastic mold steel" and is the most widely used typical steel grade among general plastic mold steels. Application: 718 mold steel has good hardenability and superior performance, and can produce large, high-grade plastic mold moldings. Typical application examples Large molds, templates for household appliances with high surface requirements. Suitable for large mirror plastic molds, such as automobiles, home appliances, audio and video products, etc. It can be used for plastic molds with mirror polishing requirements, and it is suitable for injection molds and blow molds for PA, POM, PS, PE, PP, and ABS plastics. Highly polished and demanding mold cavity. 718 mold steel is the most commonly used steel in melamine tableware factories and is widely used in the production of melamine compression molds. The tableware mold made of 718# mold steel is bright and shiny, and the melamine products produced are of high quality and competitive. Welcome to call for inquiry! Mobile: +86 15905996312 Email: machine@hongancn.com
  • How to Prevent Mold Damage?
    The reasonable structure design can ensure the service life of the mold, therefore it's the foundation for molds. Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory has lots of successful cases in melamine compression molds making. Since 2002 customers from 30 more countries recognize and have been maintaining long-term cooperation with Shunhao. In order to make sure the mold working for a long service time, the molds making must obey the following 3 rules.     1. Good casting structure design The casting must have a uniform thickness to reduce the thermal fatigue caused by the local heat concentration of the mold. Except the thickness, the castings must have rounded corners to avoid stress caused by sharp corners on the mold.   2. Reasonable mold structure design Maintain the thermal balance of the mold. In order to ensure that it is not deformed under pressure, the mold should have sufficient rigidity and strength. The purpose of casting the mold is to reduce the impact and erosion on the core. The tolerance and surface roughness of each component should be selected correctly.     3. Standardize the heat treatment process The correct heat treatment process can obtain the best mold performance, that is, strength, hardness, high temperature dimensional stability, thermal fatigue resistance and material cutting performance.    
  • How to Operate the Preheating Machine?
    The raw material preheating is a very important step for melamine tableware production. Usually we put the powder in the special box and put in the high-frequency preheating machine to preheat into cake. It can greately improve the product quality. Today Shunhao Factory will share you the operation steps for prehater. First, let’s get to know the control panel of the preheater. Control panel introduction: A1=CURRENT METER                                   PL1=PILOT LIGHT OF POWER (GREEN) PB2=HIGH FREQUENCY START                   S2=HIGH VOLTAGE SWITCH PL2=H.F.PILOT LIGHT (RED)                         PB1=HIGH FREQUENCY STOP T1=HIGH FREQUENCY TIMER                      NB1=NON-FUSE BREAKER S1=HIGH VOLTAGE ADJUSTER   Next, we will show you the specific operation steps. 1. Open the preheater electromechanical gate (the power supply is 380V). 2. Turn on the power switch of the preheating machine (the power indicator is on) and warm up for 5-10 minutes. 3. Set the preheater switch to "ON". 4. Set "heating time" and "heating temperature". 5. Put the raw material MMC in a special container and press the "High Frequency Start" button. (The heating indicator lights up). 6. When the temperature reaches the set value, the preheater will stop working and  then automatically open. 7. If an abnormality is found, it should be shut down and stopped immediately, and reported to relevant personnel for handling. Attention:Please do switch off the power of the machine during checking or maintenance for safty reason. And keep the side door closed during its running.
  • How to Install the Preheating Machine?
    The tube is the most important part of high frequency preheating machine . In Shunhao Factory,  the tube and the machine will be separated and carefully packed. The machine uses wooden box sealed packaging for goods safty, 100% protection of the machine from moisture and collision. When the machine arrives at the customer's factory safely, Shunhao engineers will help install the Canon tube. First,we could watch the video and have some idea.   How to install the tube for preheating machine?  Here are the clear steps for you to follow. 1. Take out the glass and place the Canon tube back carefully. 2. Connect other wires or coils with their right place tightly. Key note: Toshiba Japan Tube has been changed the name into Canon Tube on the 1st.Nov.2018. The tube is the heart part of the HF preheating machine. Preheater machine is mostly used for melamine moulding compound preheating process.   Preheating Machine Parameters: No Content. HGY-520 HGY-720 HGY-1020 1 Output 5KW 7KW 10KW 2 Power Source     3Φ220V 380V 415V 3Φ220V 380V 415V 3Φ220V 380V 415V 3 Power Input 11KVA 13KVA 20KVA 4 Oscillation Frequency 62MHZ 62MHZ 27MHZ 5 Vacuum Tube 7T699RB E3069RB 8T85RB 6 Voltage Switching 3-stage 3-stage 3-stage 7 Time 999.9S 8 Preheating Power 110℃ Within 60 secs 9 Phenolic Resin 1200gr 1500gr 6500gr 10 Melamine Moulding Compound 1000gr 1200gr 6000gr 11 Urea Moulding Compound 1000gr 1500gr 6000gr 12 Electrode Size 310×360m/m 340×380m/m 450×560m/m 13 Electrode Spacing 30-70m/m 30-70m/m 35-60m/m 14 Machine Dimensions (L W H) 850×600×1520 850×600×1520 1150×820×1720 15 Machine Weight 260kgs 320kgs 600kgs   Preheater machine has different models: 3KW is very small, seldom used in melamine industry 5KW is normally used with powder capacity is upto 1000grams 7KW is similar to 5KW model, but its capacity is upto 1200grams. 10KW has the powder capacity upto 6000 grams,  to work with the melamine ware molding machine 300tons -800 tons 10 KW preheating machine is recommended for urea toilet seat cover making machine,      
  • How to Clean the Hydraulic Oil Tank for Melamine Molding Machine?
    In production practice, we found that hydraulic system failures caused by hydraulic oil accounted for 75% of the entire hydraulic failure rate, so how to effectively clean the oil tank is particularly important.   Shunhao Factory will introduce you the clear cleaning measures. 1. The new hydraulic oil tank formed by welding shall be treated as follows before phosphating. Use a spatula to thoroughly remove the welding slag and weld nodules at the surrounding welds. Use a file to clean the burrs and burrs of the oil tank orifice and the connecting threaded orifices everywhere. Wipe all parts with a lint-free cloth and clean kerosene. Use compressed air to blow off the dust on the surface of the oil tank and the cleaned parts. If you need to install a gasket on the plane of the sealing cover, you must make the gasket in advance.     2. Clean the appearance of the oil tank after phosphating Use a spatula to clean the phosphating solution residues and particles on the inner surface of the oil tank. If there are rust spots, use the sand cloth to remove rust, and apply phosphating solution to the rust-removed parts, and clean the phosphating solution residue after 2 minutes. Clean kerosene with a lint-free cloth, clean the oil ports of the connecting threads everywhere and blow dry with compressed air, seal the oil port with a clean screw plug in time, and thoroughly scrub the inner surface of the tank with clean kerosene. Knead the dough with clean anti-wear hydraulic oil (L-HM46#), paste the welds, holes, corners and other parts of the surface one by one, and repeat the operation until the dough is free of impurities, fine dust and particles. Blow the inside of the oil tank thoroughly with compressed air, and apply clean L-HM46# anti-wear hydraulic oil (to prevent the inside of the oil tank from rusting). If the cleaned oil tank is not assembled for the time being, it should be covered immediately, and it can be sealed with a large tape. And put on the oil tank cap to prevent secondary pollution, and put it in a proper position to avoid knocking.   The hydraulic melamine molding machines made by Shunhao are Taiwan technology supported,if operated properly, maintained in an orderly way, can be durable operation and will be the best helper for the melamine tableware factories!
  • How to Raise the Parallel Guides for Melamine Molding Machine?
    Picture 1:Melamine molding machine with the lowering of hydraulic press   Before operation, connect the power supply and check whether the motor rotation direction is correct. Turn the machine under Manual Mode; slowly raise the machine to the position of Picture 2. 2-1 are the nuts of the tension column. Install the nuts in the position as shown in the picture. Then lock the screws 2-2. Picture 2                                                                                        Picture3 Picture 4                                                                                        Picture 5 The four parallel guides must be fitted with nuts, as shown in Picture 3. Then lower the machine to lower the nut to the position, as shown in Picture 4. After the operation, lock the nuts, as shown in Picture 5, and then tighten the nuts counterclockwise with a hammer. Picture 6                                                                                             Picture 6-1 Picture 6-2 Correct the parallelism of the heating plate: Turn the nuts of the upper bolster high, as shown in Picture 6-1 Continue to raise the heating plate up, raise the upper bolster to separate it from the nut 2, but not touching the nut, as shown in Picture 6-2 Turn the nut 1 and nut 2 tightly closely to the upper bolster. Press the machine to 230kg / cm², and tighten the nut 2 counterclockwise  
  • How to Install the Molds in Melamine Making Machine?
    Today, Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory will introduce you how to Install the compression molds in Melamine Making Machine.   (Ⅰ) Check whether the specifications of the molds are suitable to install on the heating plate of the machine before molds installation. Adjust the moving bolster to the lowest position, and prepare 8-12 fixed clamp irons and several gaskets (standard accessories). (Ⅱ) Use a forklift to move the whole set of molds to a moderate position on the heating plate of the machine. Lock the mold plate with fixed clamp iron, gaskets and bolts to secure the lower mold to the lower plate  of the machine. (Ⅲ) Use the manual operation mode of the hydraulic making machine to slowly raise the heating plate of the machine, so that the upper mold is gently pressed against the upper plate of the machine.   1. If the mold is high, you can loosen the nut on the outside of the upper plate. After raising the mold to the highest position, screw the inner nut on and tighten it, and then unscrew the upper nut but firmly fix the upper plate. 2. If the molds are lower than the previous set of molds, the upper plate should be lowered to the appropriate position with the previous higher mold or a considerable height of iron. Move, unload the previous high mold and replace it with a new mold and install it in the aforementioned method. (ⅠⅡⅢ) 3. Fix the upper mold to the upper plate with a fixed clamp iron. 4. Check and tighten all nuts, and then use a hammer and other tools to tighten the screws. Lock all the nuts tightly to prevent it from loosening during operation.    

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