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How to Raise the Parallel Guides for Melamine Molding Machine? May 20, 2020

urea and melamine compress Machine

Picture 1:Melamine molding machine with the lowering of hydraulic press


  • Before operation, connect the power supply and check whether the motor rotation direction is correct.
  • Turn the machine under Manual Mode; slowly raise the machine to the position of Picture 2. 2-1 are the nuts of the tension column. Install the nuts in the position as shown in the picture. Then lock the screws 2-2.
  • melamine crockery making machine
  • Picture 2                                                                                        Picture3
  • melamine plate making machine
  • Picture 4                                                                                        Picture 5
  • The four parallel guides must be fitted with nuts, as shown in Picture 3. Then lower the machine to lower the nut to the position, as shown in Picture 4.
  • After the operation, lock the nuts, as shown in Picture 5, and then tighten the nuts counterclockwise with a hammer.
  • Melamine ware Compressing Machine
  • Picture 6                                                                                             Picture 6-1
  • Melamine resin processing machine
  • Picture 6-2
  • Correct the parallelism of the heating plate:
  1. Turn the nuts of the upper bolster high, as shown in Picture 6-1
  2. Continue to raise the heating plate up, raise the upper bolster to separate it from the nut 2, but not touching the nut, as shown in Picture 6-2

  3. Turn the nut 1 and nut 2 tightly closely to the upper bolster. Press the machine to 230kg / cm², and tighten the nut 2 counterclockwise


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