Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
  • 2022 Shanghai DIE & MOULD Exhibition
    October 21, 2021 2022 Shanghai DIE & MOULD Exhibition
    The 22nd China International Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition (DMC2022 Shanghai Mould Exhibition) Time: June 15-18, 2022 Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Exhibition halls: NH Hall, 3H Hall, 4.1H Hall and 5.1H Hall. DMC International Mould Exhibition, founded in 1986, has a history of more than 30 years. As a member of the International Exhibition Alliance (UFI), the DMC International Mould Exhibition has built a broad platform for the technological advancement and exchange and trade of China's mould industry. Its professionalism and authority have been widely recognized at home and abroad, and it has become a professional international exhibition with extremely high reputation.     Exhibition Scope Moulds: Injection molds, die-casting molds, material forming, forming equipment Rubber and plastics, automobiles, electronics, home appliances, packaging building materials molds and material forming technology, plastic machinery display Automobile stamping lightweight forming technology Integrated body-in-white solution for mold, inspection and clamping Stamping forming of electrical and electronic parts Aerospace tooling and fixture forming technology, press display     Equipment and materials: Die & mould and die & mould product Die & mould steel and die & mould material Metal cutting precision and special processing machine tools, cutting tools, measurement CAD/CAM/CAE integration and information management and Internet technology Quality control and measurement technology, measuring instrument Automation integration technology and devices, robots Additive manufacturing technology and laser special processing technology   Any factories who want to develop new melamine or urea products or want to make melamine compression moulds, please contact us! Mobile: +86 15905996312 (Shelly Chen) Email:  
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  • 2022 Guangzhou International Mould & Die Exhibition
    June 03, 2021 2022 Guangzhou International Mould & Die Exhibition
    Guangzhou Asiamold is the leading trade platform in China's mould industry. Dates: March.3rd, 2022-March.5th, 2022 Opening Time: 09:00-18:00 Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China Asiamold has been committed to presenting a series of cutting-edge 3D printing, mold manufacturing, and die-casting latest technologies and solutions to industry insiders all over the world, helping the mold industry to improve its scale and quality. It has become a professional platform for mold manufacturing, tool processing, mechanical equipment promotion and marketing in Asia, and has received extensive attention from professionals all over the world.     Exhibition Criteria Mold manufacturing and processing: precision molds, plastic molds, die-casting molds, injection molds, mold accessories, mold materials, precision processing tools, mold making and prototypes, rapid prototyping, hot runners, heat treatment, mold surface treatment, mold production and processing For you to know: What Moulds does Shunhao Factory make? melamine dinnerware moulds matte finish melamine moulds split compression moulds urea toilet seat lid moulds  urea lamp holder moulds, etc   Design engineering application development: design, simulation, visualization, mold development and engineering technology, virtual reality, product technology and testing, measuring instruments, CAD, CAM, rapid prototyping manufacturing, 3D printing 3D printers 3D printing materials Three-dimensional scanning and related software    
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  • How to Make Melamine Tableware?
    December 16, 2020 How to Make Melamine Tableware?
    Melamine tableware retains the elegant porcelain style, is light in weight, exquisite in appearance, durable and not fragile. It is loved by restaurants and hotels. So how to make good melamine tableware?   Melamine tableware production process: 1. Decal paper process The factory designs the patterns according to customer requirements, bakes the decals according to the order quantity, deploys special glazing liquid to brush the decals, and then bake, and then cut decals and stick papers according to the product model. 2. Preheating procedure Equipment needed: melamine preheating machine According to the product weight formulated by the customer. Weighing raw materials, baking raw materials. The preheating can make the raw materials easier to shape.  3. Molding process Then put it into the machine to press into plain products (can be plain products or decal products according to customer requirements). Put the cut paper and combine with the plain products.  4. Glazing process In order to make the product look shiny and more like porcelain, glazing powder is added to the product. Primary quality inspection. Equipment needed in Step 3, 4: melamine crockery molding machine, melamine compressing molds 5. Grinding process Equipment needed: melamine tableware polishing machine After forming the product, rough grind the burrs, and then finely grind. In order to make the product look smooth and natural, it is polished with an automatic grinding machine. Secondary quality inspection. 6. Packaging process Order cartons and color boxes according to customer requirements, set product placement, and pack them through the assembly line.  
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