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How to Make Melamine Tableware? Dec 16, 2020

Melamine tableware retains the elegant porcelain style, is light in weight, exquisite in appearance, durable and not fragile. It is loved by restaurants and hotels. So how to make good melamine tableware?

colorful melamine tableware molding machine


Melamine tableware production process:

1. Decal paper process

The factory designs the patterns according to customer requirements, bakes the decals according to the order quantity, deploys special glazing liquid to brush the decals, and then bake, and then cut decals and stick papers according to the product model.

2. Preheating procedure

Equipment needed: melamine preheating machine

According to the product weight formulated by the customer. Weighing raw materials, baking raw materials. The preheating can make the raw materials easier to shape. 

3. Molding process

Then put it into the machine to press into plain products (can be plain products or decal products according to customer requirements).

Put the cut paper and combine with the plain products. 

4. Glazing process

In order to make the product look shiny and more like porcelain, glazing powder is added to the product. Primary quality inspection.

Equipment needed in Step 3, 4: melamine crockery molding machine, melamine compressing molds

5. Grinding process

Equipment needed: melamine tableware polishing machine

After forming the product, rough grind the burrs, and then finely grind. In order to make the product look smooth and natural, it is polished with an automatic grinding machine. Secondary quality inspection.

6. Packaging process

Order cartons and color boxes according to customer requirements, set product placement, and pack them through the assembly line.

melamine tableware pressing machine


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