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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine

High Quality Tableware Round Plate Mold

High Quality Melamine Tableware Mould Making

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    Origin of China
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    20 days

What can you get from Shunhao Factory?

Shunhao one-stop service!

  • Strong manufacturing capacity, advanced CNC equipment
  • Over 10 years of trading and manufacturing experience.
  • Stable quality, competitive price, good service.
  • On-time delivery and experience in production for customers.

Shunhao Melamine machine and mold Factory


How to inquire an order?

1. Customer provide the sample or drawing or clear picture

2. Both figure out details about shape, size, quantity, material, price etc

3. R&D team design according to customer's sample or drawing

4. Confirm the 3D drawing before making the mould

5. Sample confirmation and modify the mould for customer's satisfaction

6. Delivery the mould for approved sample and arrange shipment


melamine dinnerware plate moulds

Melamine Tableware Production Technology

1. Heating the molding raw materials: First, heat the mold of the tableware style to be produced. After weighing the raw material of melamine powder, put it into the heating wave high temperature machine for uniform heating and prepare it for production standby.

2. Machine mold preparation: mold on the machine, start up, product processing and debugging.

3. Processing of plain products without decals: Pour the weighed melamine raw materials into the debugged mold, start processing, machine die-casting, high-temperature hot pressing, open the mold, and take out the product.

4. Foil paper treatment process: The foil paper is treated with melamine in advance, and the foil paper that has been brushed with melamine powder is cut out according to the pattern to be pasted for use.

5. Product decal process: Undertake "procedure three" to open the mold without taking the product, paste the foil paper on the corresponding position of the tableware, and sprinkle glazing powder to make the product bright. Clamp the mold to continue heating. Open the mold and take the product.

6. Product grinding and polishing: perform burr removal and edge grinding and polishing processes on the produced products.

7. Product inspection, packaging and storage: Inspection of polished products, quality and quantity, strict control, packaging and storage.


 R&D Office                                                                                    CNC processing 

quality melamine molding machine

Steel materials testing                                                                Polishing processing

melamine crockery moulds maker


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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.