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How to Install the Molds in Melamine Making Machine? May 09, 2020

Today, Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory will introduce you how to Install the compression molds in Melamine Making Machine.


(Ⅰ) Check whether the specifications of the molds are suitable to install on the heating plate of the machine before molds installation.

Adjust the moving bolster to the lowest position, and prepare 8-12 fixed clamp irons and several gaskets (standard accessories).

(Ⅱ) Use a forklift to move the whole set of molds to a moderate position on the heating plate of the machine. Lock the mold plate with fixed clamp iron, gaskets and bolts to secure the lower mold to the lower plate  of the machine.

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(Ⅲ) Use the manual operation mode of the hydraulic making machine to slowly raise the heating plate of the machine, so that the upper mold is gently pressed against the upper plate of the machine.


1. If the mold is high, you can loosen the nut on the outside of the upper plate. After raising the mold to the highest position, screw the inner nut on and tighten it, and then unscrew the upper nut but firmly fix the upper plate.

2. If the molds are lower than the previous set of molds, the upper plate should be lowered to the appropriate position with the previous higher mold or a considerable height of iron. Move, unload the previous high mold and replace it with a new mold and install it in the aforementioned method. (ⅠⅡⅢ)

3. Fix the upper mold to the upper plate with a fixed clamp iron.

4. Check and tighten all nuts, and then use a hammer and other tools to tighten the screws. Lock all the nuts tightly to prevent it from loosening during operation.


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