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How to Clean the Hydraulic Oil Tank for Melamine Molding Machine? Jun 24, 2020

In production practice, we found that hydraulic system failures caused by hydraulic oil accounted for 75% of the entire hydraulic failure rate, so how to effectively clean the oil tank is particularly important.


Shunhao Factory will introduce you the clear cleaning measures.

1. The new hydraulic oil tank formed by welding shall be treated as follows before phosphating.

  • Use a spatula to thoroughly remove the welding slag and weld nodules at the surrounding welds.
  • Use a file to clean the burrs and burrs of the oil tank orifice and the connecting threaded orifices everywhere.
  • Wipe all parts with a lint-free cloth and clean kerosene.
  • Use compressed air to blow off the dust on the surface of the oil tank and the cleaned parts.
  • If you need to install a gasket on the plane of the sealing cover, you must make the gasket in advance.


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2. Clean the appearance of the oil tank after phosphating

  • Use a spatula to clean the phosphating solution residues and particles on the inner surface of the oil tank.
  • If there are rust spots, use the sand cloth to remove rust, and apply phosphating solution to the rust-removed parts, and clean the phosphating solution residue after 2 minutes.
  • Clean kerosene with a lint-free cloth, clean the oil ports of the connecting threads everywhere and blow dry with compressed air, seal the oil port with a clean screw plug in time, and thoroughly scrub the inner surface of the tank with clean kerosene.
  • Knead the dough with clean anti-wear hydraulic oil (L-HM46#), paste the welds, holes, corners and other parts of the surface one by one, and repeat the operation until the dough is free of impurities, fine dust and particles.
  • Blow the inside of the oil tank thoroughly with compressed air, and apply clean L-HM46# anti-wear hydraulic oil (to prevent the inside of the oil tank from rusting).
  • If the cleaned oil tank is not assembled for the time being, it should be covered immediately, and it can be sealed with a large tape. And put on the oil tank cap to prevent secondary pollution, and put it in a proper position to avoid knocking.


The hydraulic melamine molding machines made by Shunhao are Taiwan technology supported,if operated properly, maintained in an orderly way, can be durable operation and will be the best helper for the melamine tableware factories!

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