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Precautions for the Operation of HF Preheating Machine Jan 05, 2022

High-frequency preheating machines are widely used in the molding industry, such as semiconductor discrete electronic components, integrated circuits, other microelectronic packaging, motor commutators, melamine (melamine) melamine tableware, plastic appliances, etc.

As a key step in melamine compression molding, preheating can enhance the fluidity of melamine powder and improve the surface gloss of molded products.

The high-frequency preheater produced by Shunhao Factory is very easy to operate, but there are still a few operating matters that the operator needs to pay attention to.

HF preheating machine

1. In order to prevent damage to the machine, it is necessary to ensure that there is no excessive water and dust in the preheated material.

2. The surrounding environment where the high-frequency preheater is placed cannot be humid, dusty, or high-temperature direct sunlight to ensure the normal heat dissipation function of the vacuum tube.

3. The machine needs to be installed with good quality and well connected to the grounding wire.

4. After the machine is powered on, make sure that the cooling fan of the vacuum tube works normally.

5. The machine needs to be warmed up for 10-15 minutes before running or shutting down for one hour.

6. Insulating materials should be placed at the upper and lower ends of the machine, and no direct contact is allowed, otherwise, the machine may be damaged.

7. When high-frequency output, in order to prevent accidents, do not use low-frequency and low-voltage instruments such as multimeters and test meters.

8. Regularly check the high-frequency preheater to see if there is any burnout, damage, malfunction, etc.

9. If the machine often sparks, it needs to be repaired in time.

Shunhao HF preheating machine

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