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How to Choose 718 Mold Steel? Dec 22, 2021

After introducing the 718 mold steel, Shunhao Mould Factory will share with you the selection standard of 718 mold steel and hope it will be helpful to you.

good quality control mold steel

1. When selecting the hardness requirements of 718 mold steel, avoid the hardness range that produces temper brittleness.

The lower temperature limit of carbon steel is about 250℃, while the upper limit temperature of temper brittleness of alloy steel is about 350~300℃.

2. The selection of mold material has certain requirements to prevent cracking.

Alloy steel has better hardenability, slow cooling and quenching, less thermal stress and structural stress, and less cracking tendency.

Carbon steel has poor hardenability, large quenched structure stress, and thermal stress, and is easy to crack.

advanced CNC machines for mold opening

3. The mold designer reasonably formulates the actual technical conditions according to the use performance and the selected steel grade to pursue the highest hardness value of the steel grade.

For 718 steel molds, when the heat treatment technical requirements cannot be met, the requirements that have little impact on the life can be appropriately relaxed to avoid multiple repairs and scraps.

4. Strengthen the quality inspection and management of mold raw material.

melamine and urea compression molds

718 mold steel is the most commonly used steel for melamine tableware. The molds produced by Shunhao Molds Factory guarantees to meet the technical requirements in the selection of mold steel to ensure the service life and quality of the mold, and can also meet the production requirements of the tableware factory(economical and durable). Therefore, Shunhao has won the trust and affirmation of the majority of customers.

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