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Troubleshooting for Automatic Grinding Machine by Shunhao Feb 01, 2021

If you have any doubt about the online service for the machines, then can see this case to know more.


melamine ware edge polishing machine

Machine: Automatic grinding machine

Case: Grinders are working and moving, but all other work stops, machine completely stops.

Way of after-sales service: Online communication

Time to solve: 2 days

automatic edge grinding machine

Trouble Shoot:

The tableware factory takes the video or clear pictures of the machine details.

Check the following machine parts one by one

1. Replace a new power supply.

2. Cut one power supply wire from another running machine and replace it.

3. Stop the machine and restart it.

4. After checking from the times of the RED light, check the driver wire whether it’s loose. Replace the problem one.

5. Replace the motor or the rough grinder.

6. Check the driver wires carefully, and slightly pull out and plug back in.

Finally, the melamine ware automatic grinding machine can work normally. Hooray!

Shunhao brand melamine molding machine

  • TIPS: the automatic grinding machine working with some drivers and motors, when the drivers or motors meet the problem, the numbers of flashes of the indicators will show the status. So, please you can share with us the small video of each indicator of the drivers of motors at the back of the machine.


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