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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
The Automatic Edge Machine Faced Misunderstanding, then What happened? May 18, 2022

There are many interesting stories about Shunhao melamine tableware automatic edge grinding machine. What I share today is an interesting story between Shunhao and an S boss.

In fact, every time a new type of machine is developed, Shunhao will always actively promote and explain to customers to help them improve production efficiency or solve the problem of labor shortage.

 melamine edge polishing machine

1. First Impressions - Misunderstandings Happen

When the first batch of automatic edgers arrived at Factory B, Boss S was in his own office.

  • After machine installation and on-site training, workers in the factory reported to S boss that the new machine was not easy to use and could not keep up with the speed of labor.
  • S Boss was very unhappy. He said, "Shelly, please move the machine and sell it to other factories, we don't need this 'slow machine'".
  • Obviously, S boss was angry and felt that the machine was not worth buying.

 melamine ware edge polish machine

2. Seeing is believing - clearing up misunderstandings

  • We are stunned because we believe that it is inevitable that automated equipment is a machine developed by precise calculation and research to replace manual labor.
  • We let S Boss calm down first and promised to "check the edging quality and measure the speed. If it does not meet the requirements, we can move the automatic edge polishing machine at any time."

S Boss agreed, sitting in front of the automatic edger and watching with his own eyes.

After our technicians conduct a thorough inspection, the machine starts to run automatically.

1) First we start the test round plates, 5 pcs per minute, 8 pcs per minute, 11 pcs per minute; OK PASS.

2) Then test oval plates and trays.

3) After 3 hours, boss S was very happy, he said: "GOOD, SHELLY. Very good machine! We need more automatic edge polish machines".

In the summer, in the high-temperature workshop, S Boss sat for 3 hours and personally confirmed the benefits brought by the automatic edger.

Workers no longer have to sit on chairs and repeat the same action, and the workshop is no longer full of semi-finished products because the automatic edger can work better.

 melamine tableware polishing machine

3. Win-win results

  • The cooperation with S Boss helped to increase the productivity by 30%, and also solved a large number of machine aging problems and some production problems.
  • Up to now, there are more than 10 automatic polishing machines working in B Factory, and there will be more machines in the future.

This is one of the true stories that really happened in Shunhao. Solving problems for customers is the development goal of Shunhao, and Shunhao is very happy and honored to serve customers.

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