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Why They Choose Shunhao Factory as Long-time Supplier? BLACK MELAMINE PLATTERS WITH MATT FINISHED SO NICE! Jan 19, 2021
  • Service Customer: a foreign melamine tableware factory
  • Melamine Products: black glossy melamine plate
  • Product Market Feedback: glossy melamine plates are prone to scratches, which affects the appearance and service life
  • Service Way: online communication
  • Solving time: 2 days


Case: One of Shunhao cooperated customers; a melamine tableware factory used black melamine powder to make glossy melamine plates. However, after a period of sales, the market feedback was that the consumer experience was not good and the sales volume declined.

The reason is that the plates are always stacked and placed before and after use in the restaurant. After a period of time, there will be many scratches on the surface of the black plates. The most serious scratches are the overlapping surfaces of the dinner plates.

Consequences: If the tableware has severe scratches or obvious traces of repeated use for a long time, consumers will subconsciously worry about the hygiene of the restaurant, which will affect the restaurant's passenger flow.

glossy melamine plate mould

Glossy melamine plates                                      Matte finish melamine plates


After receiving feedback from customer, Shunhao thought of several solutions:

1. Try to change the characteristics of the raw material to make the scratches or overlap marks on the plate smaller. However, the characteristics of raw material cannot solve this problem.

2. Change the shape of the dinner plate slightly so that it does not touch when overlapping. However, other scratches on the dinner plate cannot be solved.

3. Change the chrome-plated layer on the surface of the compression mold and change the glossy surface to a matte finish. Finally, the problem of scratches on the plates is solved.

matte finished melamine mould


Advantages of matte-finished products

  • The black dinner plate with matt finish is better than the glossy surface which has been accepted by many customers.
  • Black melamine products are particularly suitable for matte or etching effects. Matt finished product grade is one level higher.
  • The black matte finished product has a good function: scratch-resistant!

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