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What are the Differences between Melamine and PP? Jan 08, 2021

In recent years, melamine dinnerware and melamine trays are widely used in restaurants and hotels. However there are still some people think melamine tableware is just plastic. Today Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory will help you to know the differences between melamine and PP tableware.

First, Raw Material Difference

Melamine is a thermosetting plastic, which means melamine powder can only be used once without any recycling.

PP is a thermoplastic material, which can be recycled and melted for use.

melamine tablewar vs pp tableware

This is a set of disposable plastic tableware


Second, Properties Differences

1. Hardness

Melamine products are harder than PP, melamine is similar to porcelain

2. Density

This can be judged easily according to the density on the product data

3. Smell

  • Pure melamine has no smell.
  • PP has mild smell.

4. Ignition test

  • Melamine is generally V0 level and more difficult to burn.
  • PP is flammable.

5. Safety

Pure melamine (melamine formaldehyde resin) is safer than PP (polypropylene)

melamine dinnerware making machine

Southeast Asian style melamine tableware


If you are interested in How to Make Melamine Tableware ,please look at the video clearly about melamine crockery making machine and compression molding moulds needed for melamine tableware production. Hope it solves your confusion.


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