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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
Introduction to Different Types of Melamine Tableware Jan 22, 2021

In recent years, the use of melamine products has become more and more popular. Melamine tableware has gradually taken the place of stainless steel, ceramics and disposable tableware, and is widely used for kids dinnerware and restaurants tableware making.

bi color melamine tableware molding machine

In fact, melamine tableware has all the characteristics of traditional ceramics and it has very beautiful patterns and colors. Today Shunhao Factory will introduce you the three types of melamine tableware.

1. White Decal Melamine Tableware

Use white melamine molding powder to make white melamine tableware, and then put decal paper on the surface, after that sprinkle melamine glazing powder to increase the surface brightness; finally beautiful white decal tableware is made.

kids dinnerware molding machine

2. Single Color Melamine Tableware

Use one color melamine molding powder as raw material to mold into shape in the melamine molding machine, various colors of melamine tableware can be made.

single color melamine molding machine

3. Two-color Melamine Tableware

Two-color melamine ware molds are generally two male molds with one female mold, or two female molds with one male mold.

For example, put the 1st color of melamine powder into female mold, press by the 1st male mold then put the 2nd color powder into the same female mold again, and then molded by the 2nd male mold. Finally we get the  two-color melamine tableware.

2 color melamine molds


Any factories who want to develop these beautiful melamine products, Shunhao  Machines and Molds will be a big support. Welcome to contact us. Mobile: +86 15905996312


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