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The Mold Structure Design of Die-casting Oct 21, 2021

The development of the mold manufacturing industry determines the development various industries such as metals, plastics, rubber, glass, ceramics, powder metallurgy and conforming materials. 

The development of melamine compression molds also determine the development level of melamine tableware factories.

Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory has rich experience in making melamine pressing moulds. Shunhao Company adopts advanced CNC equipment and owns an outstanding design and engineer team, and has been committed to designing and producing high-quality melamine and urea moulds for tableware manufacturers home and abroad.

Shunhao melamine ware moulds

Today Shunhao will introduce the die-casting mold structure design for you.

1. The mold should not be too bulky, it has been convenient for loading and unloading, repairing and handling, and reducing the load of the die-casting machine.

2. The shape of the mold should be considered to match the specifications of the die-casting machine.

3. The mold should have sufficient rigidity and will not deform under the condition of withstanding the clamping force of the die-casting machine.

4. The pressure center of the mold cavity should be as close as possible to the center of the clamping force of the die-casting machine to prevent uneven force on the die-casting machine, resulting in inadequate clamping of the mold and burrs on the casting.

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