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The Four Steps of Mold Processing Oct 14, 2021

Molds are used in all walks of life and mold processing must be completed in accordance with the requirements.

Today Shunhao Factory will introduce mold processing steps, also for melamine crockery making molds.

compression machine and die


1. The First Step: material preparation.

It is necessary to select suitable mold materials according to the characteristics of the products to be processed. Only by choosing suitable materials can the mold give better play to its effects.

P.S. The commonly used steels for melamine compression molds are: 718# steel/P20# steel/P45# steel and NAK80# steel (imported steel), of which 718# steel is the most popular.

Shuhao high quality mould steel


2. The Second Step: rough machining.

Preliminary processing should be carried out on the plane and side of the mold. After rough machining, the next is fine machining. When fine machining is performed, a grinder is generally used to continuously grind the mold.

Compression Mould CNC machines


3. The Third Step: mark the mold.

Mark the height of the slide line according to the mold processing drawings, and then do the dot and drill holes on the mold plate that has been marked.

Then heat treat the mold. During the heat treatment process, the template is processed, the template is continuously quenched, and the template is continuously ground during the quenching process, so that the mold can be more easily polished to a right angle and facilitate the cutting line Processing.

melamine press mould polishing


4. The Fourth Step: assemble the mold.

In the process of processing the mold, each accessory must be carefully considered.

After assembling the mold, it is necessary to debug the mold fot testing. After the test is qualified, it can be put into use.

melamine and urea compress mould


The molds made by Shunhao Machine & Mould Factory adopt advanced CNC machines for mold opening, follow strict production processes, fine polished and well tested by experienced engineers. Every step is strict performed to make sure the molds can work well in the customer's factory.

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