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6 Practical Tips for Buying Melamine Tableware Dec 01, 2021

When we walk into supermarkets and shopping malls, we will be attracted by the beautiful tableware on the shelves. Now the tableware looks very beautiful and the style is also very beautiful, but have we ever thought that the tableware is in direct contact with the food. Yes, the safety must be guaranteed. Some tableware is fragile, so it is very important to be easy to use.

If you know a little bit about the tableware market, you should know that there is a very popular type of tableware, that is, melamine tableware. Today, Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory has compiled some practical tips for selecting melamine tableware for everyone, and hope to benefit you.

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1. First, check whether the melamine product has quality and safety labels, serial numbers, and company details.

2. Try not to choose dark melamine tableware, because it may be processed from recycled materials.

3. The material can be tested by touching and tapping.

Choose thick and heavy ones; top to listen to the sound, choose the clear ones.

4. The appearance can be observed by eyes.

  • Whether the surface of the tableware is flat
  • Whether the bowls, cups, etc., are of normal roundness
  • Whether there are blemishes and cracks
  • Is the color uniform

5. The suitable style can be selected according to the function and use occasion of the tableware.

6. The tableware used in the restaurant can be selected according to the style and cuisine of the restaurant.

As long as you follow the above 6 suggestions, you can buy satisfactory, safe and reliable melamine tableware.

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