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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
How to Purchase Melamine Crockery Making Machine? Sep 25, 2020

Q1: What should we consider if we want to purchase the hydraulic melamine molding machine?

A1: There are four major aspects for you to consider that are price, technology, components origin, and after-sales service.

Q2: What should we consider in pricing?

A2: First, as known to all that all businesses are to be profitable, and businesses that are not profitable do not exist.

Second, if there is big price gap among different merchants for a product, it depends on either relationship or the quality of the product.

Third, as one of the biggest inputs of melamine manufacturers, machine is far from enough to focus on price alone.


automatic hydraulic melamine moulding machine

Q3: What should be considered on technical part?

A3: As we all know, melamine machinery originated in Taiwan, China.

Therefore, to know a melamine machine company's technology capacity, first look at its development history and whether it has inherited from Taiwan's technology and experience.

Secondly, look at the origin of its machine key components.

Thirdly, look at where the company’s main sales market is.

casting for Shunhao Melamine Crockery Making Machine

Q4: What should we consider the origin of components?

A4: The main components of melamine tableware molding machine

  • The heavy castings such as the upper, moving and base bolster.
  • The big components such as oil cylinder and piston.
  • The small components such as hydraulic components and electromagnetic valve.

*The heavy components depend on the technology; the light ones depend on production origin.

Q5: What should we consider on after-sales service?

A5: Good after-sales service to be considered.

First, before the sale, the company will make plans to avoid possible after-sales problems.

Second, the company will do the regular on-site maintenance services

Third, when repairing, the company will clearly inform of the source of the fault caused at the time, and coach the correct Operation Method.

Hydraulic Compressor Machines

In the end, Shunhao Machine suggests all melamine tableware manufacturers to seriously consider the cost of machine and labor.

When finalizing the cooperation manufacturer, we can listen to other companies’ suggestions, inspect a few companies, and consider the service life of the machine instead of only price orientation.

Once the machinery procurement strategy fails, all investment is no use!


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