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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
Casting parts --Core Parts of Melamine Molding Machine Sep 30, 2020

One of the most important parts of melamine tableware molding machine is the casting, including the upper bolster, the middle plate, the base, the cylinder and the piston.

The casting of the machine is covered by the fresh color after spraying paint. It is impossible for customers to judge the quality of the machine by looking at the appearance when purchasing the hydraulic melamine moulding machine.

The casting materials has two types: cast iron or nodular cast iron. 

  • Factories that focus on controlling machine manufacturing costs will prefer low-end nodular cast iron or cast iron. If you want a lower price, this kind of machine is often superior, but the service life of the machine is very short.
  • Factories that pay attention to brand quality will choose nodular cast iron. Although the cost is high, the machine has a long service life and high value.


melamine crockery molding machine casting parts

Shunhao automatic molding machine adopts the top model 50 nodular cast iron, which ensures the service life and lower the cost in future maintenance for the melamine tableware factories.

We believe that every businessman is very smart. Do you plan to invest in the melamine tableware manufacturing industry for a long time or a short time?

Your decision will affect the development path of your factory. The melamine and urea machines produced by Shunhao Machine an Mould Factory will provide long-term service for your melamine tableware manufacturing!


Shunhao melamine tableware compression machine

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