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4 Types of Logo Printing for Melamine Tableware Nov 06, 2020

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For promotional effect,tableware factories will add logos, trademarks, and exquisite graphics during the tableware production. There are 4 types of logo printing for melamine tableware.

1. Logo printed on the decal paper. Usually Melamine tableware has the decal paper printed with patterns and logos and then formed into one piece when pressed at high temperature.

The following Chinese style melamine tableware has the logo on the surface.

one color melamine mold


2. The embossed logo is directly molded into shape, and it needs to be designed when making the melamine dinnerware mold.

The pictures below are melamine bowls with embossed logo on the bottom.

melamine ware compression molds


3. Laser marking Logo. Usually choose co2 (carbon dioxide) laser marking machine or ultraviolet laser marking machine. Both laser marking machines can achieve their exquisite marking effects, but the latter one is better.

For example, the restaurant name and logo will be marked on the surface of the white melamine bowl.

melamine compression mould


4. Screen printing is generally used to print pictures and texts on the outside of melamine materials, and the ink used is UV drying screen ink. For food safety, we must choose the safe quality ink and make sure only printed on the outside of melamine tableware.


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