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Introduction to Split Type Melamine Molding Machine Nov 24, 2020

Melamine tableware manufacturers need to invest in the production of S-type melamine products, such as ice cream cups, melamine bowls, and melamine cups. The specific machines and moulds are required:

1. Split type melamine molding machine: 200T/300T

2. Split molds: 2/4/6/8 cavities

S shape melamine cup mold


Split molds structure: one punch part and one cavity part, which the cavity part is combined by 2 parts again, this cavity part can open during molds open. Its structure is different from a normal melamine molding machine.

split melamine cup mould

Shunhao Factory has split type molding machines; there are 200 tons and 300 tons available.


hydraulic melamine molding machine


From the pictures, we see the biggest difference between the Automatic Split Type Melamine Molding Machine and the normal type molding machine is the side cylinder.

melamine compression molding machine

For split type melamine molding machine, the height of the compression mold should be higher than the side cylinder to ensure the normal operation of the machine will not crush the side cylinder.


If the tableware manufacturers have different machines and they need to customize the molds from Shunhao Moulds Factory, they need to provide the detailed heating plate size and the height of the cylinder to Shunhao Factory to ensure that the molds can be used on their machines.


Shunhao Factory only produces machines and molds for the melamine industry, but Shunhao is unique. Shunhao is very happy to be your qualified supplier in China!


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