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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
Casting Parts of Shunhao Melamine Crockery Pressing Machine Sep 18, 2020

Among all kinds of castings, mechanical castings have the most varieties, the most complex shapes, and the largest amount, accounting for about 60% of the total casting output. The casting for automatic hydraulic moulding machine also occupies a large percentage.

When the quality of the castings is not well controlled for automatic melamine molding machine, the following risks will occur.

1: There will be a rupture of the cylinder

2: The upper and lower covers will break

3: The tension column will break

melamine tableware molding machine quality problem

It will be worse that all broken problems of the melamine tableware molding machine will directly cause the machine to stop and fail to work. It always takes a long time to get the new castings from China, and ordinary workers would not able to replace it, which directly hindered the normal production process.

comparison of guide pillar on melamine machine

Comparison of Guide Pillar by Shunhao & Other Company

cylinder comparison of melamine molding machine

Comparison of Cylinder by Shunhao & Other Company

Shunhao Factory solve this problem from the very beginning

The Advantages of castings produced by Shunhao

1. Advanced and precise CNC machine to ensure the quality of castings

2. Strictly implement the strict production process to ensure that each step is qualified

3. Experienced engineer team and professional QC inspection

Shunhao Factory melamine and urea machine


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