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How to Disinfect Melamine Tableware? Apr 07, 2021

Generally, all tableware requires disinfection treatment to ensure food safety and sanitation. Today, Shunhao Factory, a manufacturer of melamine compressor molding machines and melamine and urea compression moulds, will introduce the disinfection method of melamine tableware for you!

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Physical Disinfection: high temperature disinfection such as boiling, stem and infrared.

1. Put in boiling and steam sterilization at 100℃ for about 10 minutes.

2. Dishwasher disinfection: water temperature 85℃, disinfect for more than 50 seconds.

3. Infrared disinfection: temperature at 120℃ for about 10 minutes.

Chemical Disinfection: use the chlorine-containing disinfectants for disinfection.

1. Soak in the water with a concentration of more than 250 mg/L of available chlorine for more than 5 minutes.

2. Wash away the disinfection residue with clean water.

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In fact, Shunhao Machinery is a professional and Taiwanese technology supported manufacturer of melamine equipment, auto forming machine, 2 color auto molding machine, melamine preheating machine, melamine dinnerware polishing machine, toilet seat conver molding machine, and various urea and melamine  molds.

Shunhao has been specialized in melamine industry since 2002. For a practitioner in the machinery industry, it is a forward-looking and a retrospective, an opportunity, and a responsibility. Great thanks to customers for their continued support and trust.

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