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3 Steps to Identify Qualified Melamine Tableware Apr 21, 2021

We know that the quality of tableware varies in the market, and some urea tableware are sold as melamine tableware. Therefore, it is necessary for consumers to learn to identify qualified melamine tableware. Today Shunhao Factory will introduce you the 3 steps to identity qualifired melamine tableware.

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Step 1: Identify according to the appearance of the tableware

Check whether the tableware is obviously deformed, whether the decal pattern is clear, whether there is color difference, whether it is wrinkled, and whether there are bubbles in the bottom layer.

Good quality  melamine tableware has higher gloss and smooth surface.


Step 2: Identify according to the marks on the tableware

The food grade melamine tableware is marked "100% melamine". Tableware marked "uf+ mf" can only be used for non-food contact.

In fact, the tableware made of "uf+mf" are made of urea-formaldehyde resin inside and melamine on the outside. 

melamine tableware QS

Step 3: Pay attention to the QS mark

Factories can produce melamine tableware after get the quality and safety production license, so tableware with the "QS" logo are safe to buy.


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