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How to Identify the Different Types of Dinnerware? Apr 28, 2021

There are many material of dinnerware, such as ceramics, bone china, crystal, glass, melamine on the market. It is good to konw the common dinnerware on the market, then we could make the best decision when picking dinnerware. Today Shunhao Factory---Melamine and Urea Machine and Mould Manufacturer, will share with you the introduction to different types of dinnerware.


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Ceramic products

The ceramic tableware has various shapes, delicate and smooth, bright colors and easy to clean.

Main supplies: Chinese and Japanese tableware, tea sets; market price: vary a lot.


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Melamine products

With the appearance like ceramics, melamine dinnerware is light, strong and durable, which is very suitable for children and outdoor use.

Main supplies: all kinds of bowls, plates, cups, spoons, chopsticks, trays, etc.; Market price: The price is reasonable, and the average family can afford it.

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Crystal products

Crystal is a composite of silicon oxide, which contains lead oxide, potassium carbonate, potassium nitrate, arsenic, etc. Crystal products are relatively easy to break.

Main supplies: high-end ornaments, wine vessels, fruit plates, etc.; market price: usually higher.


Glass products

Glass products are also silica composites, and they are also clear and natural. Glass products are easily broken like crystal.

Main supplies: all kinds of cups or vases, etc.; market price: relatively cheap.


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In all, dinnerware made of different materials has their own characteristics that favored by people. Since melamine is widely used in dinnerware making, there is still a large market and development prospect. If you have the needs for melamine compression machine and moulds and want to develop melamine business, please contact us!

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