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How to Clean Melamine Tableware? Apr 02, 2021

Melamine tableware is ceramic like but not easy to break, so it is very popular among children. The cleaning of melamine tableware is always meaning for people. Today Shunhao Factory, (a manufacturer of melamine & urea machines and moulds) will introduce the correct cleaning method of melamine tableware for you.

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1. When melamine tableware used for a long time, stubborn stains such as pigments, oil stains, coffee stains, etc will cause yellow and black. It's necessary to use special stain removal powder to wash.

  • Put 180-400 grams of special stain removal powder into 20 liters of hot water at 80 degrees to prepare a solution and stir to dissolve. 
  • Put the melamine tableware bowls into the solution and soak for 30-60 minutes to remove stains.
  • Rinse with clean water or put in the dishwasher to wash.

2. Melamine tableware can't be washed with steel wire balls but it can be put into the dishwasher to wash.

  • It's suggested to use dish cloth or soft cloth to wash.
  • For difficult dirts, it is recommended to soak it in detergent water, and then wash it with a dish cloth.

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We hope the article above is useful for you to follow. If you want to learn more about melamine tableware knowledge, you are welcome to visit our website or contact us. Mobile: +86 15905996312

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