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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
Introduction to the Cooling System of Shunhao Hydraulic Press Machine Mar 31, 2021

The hydraulic oil temperature generated by the hydraulic press during the use process, through the cooling water circulation of the chiller, can play a role in reducing the oil temperature and protecting the valve block of the machine.

This chiller has built-in and external types. The earlier machine generally use an external chiller which means the chiller is not in the oil tank and does not directly contact the oil.

  • The effect is to reduce the temperature, but it is easy to bring dirt into the fuel tank.
  • The service life of external chiller is generally among 3-5 years.
  • The external chiller is generally made of iron, which is easy to rust and block (look at the picture below)

melamine molding machine external chiller

external chiller


Shunhao Melamine Compression Machine adopts built-in chiller which is directly placed in the oil tank to contact the oil, and the reducing temperature is fast and safe, and no dirts will be brought into it.

This built-in chiller is an integral part of stainless steel material (see the picture).

  • There are only two water outlets, one inlet and one outlet. These two outlets are connected with the water pipe of the cooling tower.
  • Cold water enters the oil tank, hot water comes out of the oil tank, and it is very safe and has a long service life.


melamine crockery making machine chiller

internal chiller

Before, a foreign melamine tableware factory that has been in business for many years asked Shunhao for help. Its factory has 54 sets of melamine tableware pressing machines with old external chillers which had the problems of clogging, oil leakage, etc. After communicating, Shunhao technicians have helped the factory to solved his troubles and replace all the built-in chillers.

Shunhao Factory has been committed to the melamine industry since 2002. One-stop service and problem solution for tableware manufacturers. Welcome to consult!


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