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Why Choose Shunhao Automatic Melamine Tableware Grinding Machine? Dec 16, 2021

The diversified market demand for different shapes, specifications, and sizes of melamine tableware determine that the production of melamine tableware requires high-speed operation and long-term stable operation. Therefore, automated production, such as the use of an automatic melamine tableware edging machine, will be a good choice.

melamine tableware polishing

In the picture above, we see some workers are doing manual edging at a traditional melamine tableware production workshop.

  • When removing the die-casting burrs, the powder floats in the air which makes the factory environment harsh and not conducive to the health of the workers.
  • In addition, the consistency of manual edging products is poor, the rejection rate is high, and the production efficiency is low.
  • Rising labor costs and low processing profit margins make small processing companies difficult.

Fortunately, the melamine dish polishing machine produced by Shunhao Factory not only solves the above problems but also guarantees automated production efficiency and 24-hour continuous production, which has benefited more and more tableware factories.

melamine ware edging machine

Look at the plates before and after polishing. The polishing effect by the automatic polishing machine is so nice!

All in all, Shunhao brand automatic edging machine will bring many benefits to your factory.

  • Save raw material costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Effectively alleviate employment difficulties
  • Improve workers' working conditions
  • Create more economic benefits

automatic dinnerware polishing machine

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