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The Design Features of Melamine Tableware Nov 25, 2021

Melamine tableware has attracted much attention at home and abroad and has become the first choice for many young families. Why is melamine tableware so popular? Shunhao Factory has already summarized the 4 features of melamine tableware which can bring you some design ideas for your factory new product development. It also tells us the reason for the popularity of melamine tableware.

1. Practicality

Nowadays, modern people pay more and more attention to the practical functions of tableware. We can see that the most popular type of melamine tableware is very "practical" in its functional design. This kind of melamine tableware highlights its own functionality and is designed with the principle of "use first, decoration second". The simple-looking tableware is quite popular among busy consumers.

melamine tableware design

2. Attractiveness

Comprehensive consideration of the three aspects of product, operation mode and material use, so that the whole set of tableware can establish a kind of spiritual communication with users. Melamine tableware has a very comfortable feel when used, and the bright colors of the handles also cater to the consumer psychology of fashion pursuers.

melamine ware machine and mould

3. Home Adaptability

This kind of melamine tableware is very characteristic in color design and can adapt to the home environment of different tones. Young people can choose a set of brightly colored tableware, which can add warmth and romance to your life.

melamine ware machine

4. Personalization

People's pursuit of the taste of life tends to be diversified and individualized. Therefore, tableware that can meet the needs of everyone does not exist, and different consumers need products of different styles. Some melamine tableware has unique design and shape, quite a bit of alternative flavor, strong color contrast, very contemporary, very suitable for young people who are pursuing individuality.

melamine dinnerware mould

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