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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
Taiwan Technology: Two Color Melamine Molding Machine Sep 08, 2022

Two-color melamine tableware is made of two kinds of melamine molding powder. For example, the more common ones are white inside and black outside. Of course, any other color can also be used.

 2 color melamine compression mould

How to make such two-color melamine tableware?

1.   Need to run two-color melamine tableware forming machine.

It is important to run a 2-color molding machine with a dual proportional valve system. It makes the movement more accurate and stable. The speed can also be adjusted during operation.

dual proportional valve system

YUKEN dual proportional valve system

2. Need to make two-color melamine tableware mold.

The structure of the mold is 1 lower mold + 2 moving upper molds.

3. Two different colors of melamine molding compound is required.

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Double color 200T molding machine

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