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Double Proportional Valve---The Core of Shunhao 2 Color Melamine Molding Machine Sep 16, 2022

The core secret of Shunhao brand 2 color melamine molding machine lies in its dual proportional valve oil circuit system which controls the pressure, flow, and speed.

double color automatic melamine tableware molding machine

Shunhao Factory will continue to show you the advantages of the dual proportional oil circuit system.

1.   Ordinary oil circuit system

l  Only 2 pressures and 1 speed can be adjusted manually.

l  Production is relatively fixed and inflexible.

YUKEN brand valve for Shunhao Molding Machine

2.   Dual proportional oil circuit system

l  The speed can be fast or slow, and the pressure can be adjusted from 0-220.

l  Unlimited adjustments on the PLC.

Can adjust the corresponding pressure and speed according to the characteristics of different raw materials to realize more complex actions.

2 color melamine molding machine

Settings of Curing Pressure and Actions

In the following cases, only the molding machine with double proportional valve can realize it.

Example 1: When making two-color melamine tableware, special production parameters need to be adjusted, and the double proportional valve can do it.

Example 2: The raw materials produced by each raw material manufacturer, MMC or UMC, have different material properties. The production parameters on the machine need to be adjusted according to the material properties, and the double proportional valve can do it.

After learning about the double proportional valve system of Shunhao forming machine, maybe you have an idea to know more advanced technology and machines, then you can contact us.

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