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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine

CNC Continuous Circular Melamine Trimming And Polishing Machine

Edge grinding and polishing of round melamine products

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    LC, TT
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    3850L*1750W*1950H (MM)
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    Life-time Service

CNC Continuous Circular Melamine Ware Polishing Machine

1. Mechanical size: 3850L*1750W*1950H (MM)

 2. Working height: 820MM,

3. Edging motor: 4KW*3PH*AC380V*1

4. Polishing motor: 4KW*3PH*AC380V*1

5. Transmission motor: 1.5KW*3PH*AC380*1

 6. Work object size: 55-250ΦMM

7. Working speed: MAX: 25PCS/min

automatic melamine ware polishing machine


Frequently Asked Questions about the grinding machine


Q1: How can I adjust the angle of the grinding line on the machine?

A1: The grinding cloth on the machine is automatically moved up and down, and the angle of the grinding line can be adjusted by 0-8 degrees.


Q2: What are the upper and lower limit devices in the machine?

A2: The machine is equipped with upper and lower limit devices, including the upper and lower transmission of each axis and the emery cloth.


Q3: Is the machine easy to move around?

A3: Yes, the machine needs to be equipped with 4 removable and movable wheels to facilitate the work.


Q4: How do you lubricate the transmission screw bearing?

A4: The transmission screw bearing has a manual oiling device.


Q5: What material is used for the V-shaped adjustment slide seat?

A5: The V-shaped adjustment slide seat should be made of steel and wear-resistant devices.

automatic melamine dish grinding machine



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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.