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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine

Automatic Melamine Tableware Polishing Machine

Automatic and PLC control     Labor-saving and save cost

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Automatic Melamine Tableware Polishing Machine 

  • The operation is simple. It only takes 5-10 minutes to adjust the machine for a change of specifications. No skilled workers are required. Only one porter is needed.
  • During the peak season of orders, more machines can be turned on, and less machines can be turned on during the off-season. Enterprises can reduce expenses, reduce production costs, and reduce the burden on enterprises.

Shunhao Factory produces 2 head, 3 head, 4 head, and 5 head automatic edge polishing machines. Recently, the most widely used model is 3 head melamine crockery edge trimming machine.

Melamine tableware polishing Machine

Polishing by Machine vs Polishing by Labor

1 Shunhao polishing machine = 1.5 labor (11 hours)

Shunhao polishing machines = 3 labors (11 hours)

Shunhao polishing machines = 4-5 workers (11 hours)

  • The automatic edger only needs an ordinary porter to unload and collect materials, and one worker can watch at least 3 machines, which is equivalent to an ordinary porter can replace 4-5 skilled edgers (11 hours)
  • The machine can produce 24 hours in two shifts, and two ordinary movers can replace 8-10 skilled edgers


automatic melamine ware polishing machine

FAQ for Melamine Crockery Grinding Machine


1. What is the delivery time for auto melamine crockery grinding machine? 

Normally 20-50 days after receiving the deposit, depending on the machine order quantity and model.


2. What is the packaging of the automatic melamine crockery polishing machine? 

Packaging for automatic edging machine: Due to the large volume and lightweight of the automatic edging machine, our company adopts the packaging of wooden frame to protect the appearance of the machine with film or pearl cotton. It is recommended that the edging machine travel by sea in the form of FCL, to ensure that the machine does not have any risks due to transshipment.


3. What is the payment term for Melamine Crockery Edge Polishing Machine?

30% by TT in advance & 70% by TT after inspection but before shipment.

2 head melamine ware edge polishing machine

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.