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Is Melamine Tableware Toxic? Jun 23, 2021

People are concerned about the safety of melamine tableware and wondering whether melamine tableware is toxic for a long time.

Although melamine tableware is made of formaldehyde and melamine, it has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, high hardness, high temperature and humidity resistance, stability and crack resistance after molding.  Therefore, melamine tableware is non-toxic and safe to use. Today Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory will give you a detailed introduction about melamine.

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Technical indicators of melamine tableware:

Since the difference between the theoretical curing degree and the actual curing degree of melamine plastic products will be affected by acid, alkali, alcohol, etc., the following factors must be used in the manufacture of melamine plastic products.

1. The impact resistance, bending resistance, heat resistance, etc., and hygiene compliance index of the melamine products must meet the requirements of GB9690-88 and QB1999-84.

2. When making melamine tableware, the consumption of potassium permanganate should be Less than or equal to 3mg/L.

3. The amount of formaldehyde that can be extracted must be less than or equal to 1.0mg/L.


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Shunhao  Machinery not only has professional knowledge, and Taiwan technology, but also has rich experience and skills in melamine tableware production equipment, such as melamine ware molding machines, melamine edge polishing machine, compression moulds etc for many years. Tableware manufacturers can rest assured to purchase qualified machines and moulds and Shunhao will help to solve all the problems may encounter in production.

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