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Global Melamine Tableware Market Forecast Jul 09, 2021

Melamine is a very important chemical raw material, mainly used in wood processing, plastics, coatings, paper making, electrical and other industries. Over the years, countries around the world have implemented bans on logging of natural forests and banned disposable tableware, which has increased the demand for melamine products in the domestic and foreign markets year by year.

However, COVID-19 has caused global restaurants to be unable to open normally or even close, people need to stay at home for quarantine, and the huge use of takeaway and disposable tableware has led to a sharp decline in the commercial market for melamine.


Figure 1. Global Melamine Tableware Market Size, (US$ Million), 2015 VS 2020 VS 2026

melamine market forecast


Fortunately, during 2020 and 2021, with the effective prevention of COVID-19 and the orderly progress of 2019-nCoV vaccine injection, the market for melamine products used in residential buildings has grown significantly.

Today, Shunhao Factory will share with you the forecast data of the global melamine tableware market. Hope it will be beneficial to the development of your factory.

As can be seen from the following figure, the annual growth rate of the global melamine tableware market from 2015 to 2019 was 6.2%, and it is expected to reach 7.97% by the end of 2026, reaching USD 135.7 million.


Figure 2. Global Melamine Tableware Market Size 2015-2026 (US$ Million)

melamine tableware industry developing

Therefore, as a necessity of people's daily life, melamine tableware will show a trend of stable development in the next five years.

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