Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
Why the preheater cover closed and open automatically? How to fix it? Jul 16, 2020



The LY4J Relay electro-oxidation

Replace LY4J Relay

The switch at the eccentric wheel is in poor contact or damaged

Adjust or replace the micro switch

Too much dust on the copper cover and copper frame

Clean by air-gun

The timer is not set (showing 0)

Set baking time

The high-voltage output copper sheet in the machine is oxidized or the copper screw is loose (current indication does not exceed 0.5A)

Clean the copper sheet, tighten the screw

The diode, high-voltage transformer or electronic tube are damaged (current indication points to the right end)

Replace the part

The inlet of the fan is blocked by debris, which causes insensitive of wind pressure switch

Clean up the debris


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