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Why New CNC Machines Came to Shunhao Factory in 2020? Apr 16, 2020

Let's review the major events in 2020.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, some companies and factories have announced the dissolution or suspension of production. Shunhao Factory also faced some challenges.

The leading group of Shunhao Factory calmly responded to the tableware design problems that frequently appeared in the market. Only continuous innovation can meet market demand. In order to solve some complicated designs, and help customers develop new products, SHUNHAO Factory introduced two CNC machines for mold opening as planned, which helped a lot.

Shunhao will be always committed to providing customers with better melamine tableware molds .


top brand CNC machines for mold opening

On February 10, 2020, two top brand CNC machines were installed in Shunhao Machines & Moulds Factory.


The development of high-speed and high-precision processing technology makes complicated designs available.

1. Improve the quality of mold CNC machining

2. Improve the mold processing speed

3. Reduce the processing procedures

4. Shorten the mold production cycle and clamping times

5. Eliminates time-consuming fitter repair work.


Melamine Moulds Making Factory


Shunhao is determined to produce high-precision and high-quality molds and serves for more and more tableware factories. Welcome to visit SHUNHAO MOLDS FACTORY!

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