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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
Why Choose Shunhao Brand Preheater? Apr 22, 2022

The melamine tableware compression machine, high frequency preheating machine, and automatic melamine ware edge grinding machine produced by Shunhao Factory are all favored by customers of Shunhao.

Not only because the quality of the machine is guaranteed, but also because the experienced after-sales service is one of the brands of SHUNHAO.

HF Preheating Machine has some important accessories. If damaged, SHUNHAO will supply original accessories or better accessories to meet the needs of customers.


preheating machine tube glass


Look at the picture above!  It's the glass cover of the preheater which is the protective cover outside the vacuum tube.

SHUNHAO brand preheater adopts 5MM glass cover, which is 1MM thicker than other brand, and the edge of the glass cover has been calcined and will not scratch your hands.


Shunhao preheater canon tube


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