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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
The Stainless Steel Market Price Fell First then Rose (5.22-5.26) May 31, 2023

Shunhao Factory always uses high-quality stainless steel materials to make melamine tableware compression molds.

This week, stainless steel fell first and then rose. As of May 26, the daily average price of spot 304/2B stainless steel flat plate 1.0*1219*2438 (tolerance 0.91) was 13,757.14 yuan/ton, down 0.41% from 13,814.29 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week, and down 22.52% year-on-year.

This week's stainless steel inventory totaled 1.062 million tons, a decrease of 2.58% from last week. Among them, the cold and hot rolled stocks both decreased.

stainless steel market price

The production schedule of steel mills hit a new high in May, but the actual output may be lower than expected. The steel mills control the delivery, and there is no obvious increase in the recent arrivals, and the spot transactions are average. The inventory in the factory has accumulated, and the social bank has continued to be depleted. In the early stage, stainless steel fell to a low level, and there was a certain demand for a rebound, but the rebound power was insufficient. It is expected that the price of stainless steel will fluctuate at a low level.

stainless steel for melamine molds making

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