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The Price of Stainless Steel Fell Slightly in February Mar 02, 2023

Stainless steel raw material can be used to make melamine tableware molds. Today Shunhao Machine and MouldFactory will share the latest stainless steel market trend.

The price of stainless steel fluctuated and fell in February. At the beginning of February, the price of stainless steel was 15,900 yuan/ton (about 2,313 US dollars/ton), and at the end of February, the price of stainless steel fell to 15,528.57 yuan/ton (about 2,259 US dollars/ton), with an overall decrease of 2.34% and a year-on-year increase of 5.16%.

raw material steel

In February, the price of stainless steel fell less than that of nickel.

Apart from nickel, the upstream prices of stainless steel have all risen, while the price of stainless steel is relatively firm due to the impact of cost and production reduction of steel mills.

raw material stainless steel price

In February, due to the slow start of work after the festival, stainless steel stocks continued to accumulate. As of the end of the month, the total stainless steel inventory was 1.4106 million tons.

Shunhao Factory expects that the price of stainless steel will be weak in the short term, but with the arrival of the peak season in March, the terminal demand may improve to a certain extent, and the price of stainless steel may rise slightly by then.

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