Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
Shunhao Factory Melamine Tableware Production Machines New Shipment Oct 26, 2023

Shunhao Factory has recently dispatched a shipment containing advanced equipment designed specifically for the production of melamine tableware. This shipment includes a cutting-edge 3-station melamine tableware grinding machine, a dust collection cabinet integrated with the edge grinding machine, and a high-performance 400-ton melamine dinnerware molding machine.

hydraulic automatic melamine molding machine

These machines were acquired by a valued repeat customer, who sought to enhance the efficiency and precision of their melamine tableware grinding process.

3 station melamine edge grinding machine

Having earned a solid reputation in the melamine equipment industry, Shunhao Factory has successfully served more than 100 tableware factories. The company's dedication to quality, durability, and continuous innovation has positioned it as a trusted brand in the market. With a steadfast commitment to leading the industry, Shunhao Factory remains prepared to deliver cutting-edge solutions in the years to come.


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