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New Design Melamine Cup Moulds by Shunhao Aug 24, 2020

Melamine tableware has another name, which is called imitation porcelain tableware because it has the merits of porcelain. For example, it has good resistance, not easy to break. What's more, thanks to the different raw material color, melamine tableware is beautiful and bright in color, even the classic design with only 1 color is also very attractive.

Melamine Mug die

There are always many new designs born in Shunhao Moulds Factory. Melamine tableware widely used in collective canteens, restaurants, and fast food canteens is not the only one type, melamine is also suitable for customized use for special occasions.

Customized Melamine Cup die

In August, Shunhao designers team made the new design melamine cup available for customers to develop. See the classic shapes and smooth lines, what a beautiful design!

If you are interested in the new designs of melamine-up compression moulds. please feel free to contact us! 

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Melamine Mug Machine


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