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How to Use Marble Melamine Powder to Make Tableware? Aug 25, 2022

Melamine tableware with spray dots or marbling has become very popular in the market in recent years.

Today, let's take a look at the new marble melamine raw material and learn more about how to use marble melamine to make tableware.

marble look melamine bowl mould

Required equipment: single color melamine tableware forming machine, automatic melamine tableware edge grinding machine

Friendly reminder: the new marble melamine material should be fully shaken before opening the bag to ensure that the particles and powder are fully mixed. (The material and powder are separated during long-term transportation)

 PLC control single color melamine molding machine

Marbled melamine tableware making steps

1. No need to preheat the powder, directly put the powder into the mold

2. The melamine molding machine moves up quickly first

3. After a fast ascent, turn to a slow speed

4. Remove excess burrs

5. Use an edger for fine polishing

6. Quality Inspection

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