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How to Select Different Types of High Frequency Preheater? Mar 02, 2022

Today, let's take a look at the application fields and types of high-frequency preheating machines.

High-frequency preheating machines are widely used in the molding industry, such as semiconductor discrete electronic components, integrated circuits, other microelectronic packaging, motor commutators, melamine (melamine) imitation porcelain tableware, plastic electrical appliances, etc.

high frequency preheating machine

How to choose a suitable high-frequency preheater? Let's take a look at it in detail.

According to the form of the high-frequency preheater heating electrode, the preheater can be divided into the following two types

  1. Flat electrode type
  2. Roller electrode type (roller electrode type, turntable electrode type)

The melamine preheater of Shunhao Factory is of flat electrode type. It is mostly used in the preheating process of melamine molding compound before hydraulic press molding.

10 kw high frequency preheater machine

Shunhao Factory produces various types of preheating machines, which customers can choose according to their production needs.

  • 3KW preheater is rarely used in the melamine industry
  • 5KW preheating machine is used normally, with the 150tons-250tons melamine tableware press, the powder amount reaches 1000g
  • 7KW preheater is similar to the 5KW model, but has a larger capacity, with a powder capacity of 1200 grams
  • 10KW preheating machine has high pressure, 300-800 tons melamine tableware press is available, powder capacity can reach 6000 grams, urea toilet lid machine is recommended to use 10kw preheating machine

The above are the suggestions for the selection of preheater models brought to you by Shunhao Machine & Mould Factory. Welcome to consult.

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