Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
How to produce the 2 tone melamine tableware? Apr 10, 2020

1. Prepare 1 set of  2 tone color melamine molding machine with 1 set of preheater machine

2. Preheat powder into cake A and put into the mold

3. Press the button of curing and A color punch moving to close with cavity 

4. Preheat powder into cake B

5. Mold open automatically, punch A moves back and punch B comes

6. Put cake B into the cavity and press the button of curing again, then punch B and cavity closed  

7. Mold open automatically, if you have paper to put, then place the paper into the mold, and then press the button of paper

8. Mold open automatically, spread the glazing powder and then press the button of Glazing, mold close again

9. Mold open automatically, get out the finished product and clean the mold by air-gun.

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