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Experienced Cooperation with W Tableware Factory in China Apr 10, 2020

W Tableware factory, one of the top brand of melamine tableware factories in China,is one of the valued customers for Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory.

double color melamine moulds

W tableware factory develops new items to the market every month. Everytime Shunhao R&D team quickly starts their work when receive samples. W tableware is well accepted for its nice designs but some molds are not easy to make.

In March, 2020, Shunhao molds team needs to make one set of 2 colors molds. According to W tableware factory's requirements, this mold will be run in the 2 color melamine molding machine. However, the finished melamine products can not release from the mold when tested in the 2-color compressing machine.


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What is wrong with the mold? HOW to solve the problem?

Shunhao team tested the molds again, but it comes to the same result.

It’s 2 tone color melamine bowl, with a straight bowl wall, and Matt finished for the mold's surface.

Shunhao chose to run this 2 color mold in the automatic split molding machine, and finally the bowl mold works well for nice product!


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