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Why Melamine Tableware is So Popular in Restaurants? Aug 19, 2020

Melamine tableware is a kind of imitation porcelain tableware, which has the advantages of non-toxic, beautiful, and not easy to break!  There for it is widely used in restaurants, catteens, home in our daily life. Why is it so popular in restaurants? There are five reasons for restaurants to choose melamine tableware.

1. Safe and hygienic, non-toxic and safe to use

Melamine tableware can effectively defend against the corrosiveness of grease, acid and alkali and other solvents. It has strong heat resistance and can be cleaned and disinfected in a dishwasher at a high temperature of 120°C or less.

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2. The design increases the artistic sense and make the meal more enjoyable

Sometimes a beautiful set of tableware will bring a more pleasant mood to the diners, because its smooth lines and delicate craftsmanship add a new look to the table.

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3. Good heat preservation effect, high heat insulation effect

The thermal conductivity of melamine tableware is relatively low. You can easily hold the tableware with hot food.

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4. Resistant to drop, and long service life

Melamine tableware is generally harder, more durable than cremic. There is no need to worry about breaking for young children to use. What's more, more and more restaurants begin to purchase melamine tableware for reducing the cost of tableware damage.

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5. Lightweight, easy to hold, smooth surface, easy to wash

Compared with cremic and glass, melamine tableware is light, which makes it easier for users to handle. The smooth surface not only increases the beauty of the tableware but also makes the tableware easier to wash.

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Since melamine tableware is more and more popular, many new tableware factories are coming up. Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory will help you with experienced guidance and one-stop service. 

Equipment for Melamine Tableware Making

Automatic Melamine Tableware Molding Machine

Melamine Preheating Machine

Automatic Melamine Dinnerware Polishing Machine

Urea and Melamine Moulding Molds

• Decal Paper Cutting Machine

• Melamine Powder

• Melamine Decal Paper

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