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Why is Shunhao's Melamine Tableware Mold More Expensive? Nov 04, 2022

As we all know, price is determined by value. Mold prices are really easy to compare. However, when the customers have questions about the price, we will patiently tell them, when you think about the price, you probably ignore the long-term use value of the mold.

Shunhao melamine tableware moulds

A set of high-quality melamine tableware molds can make a high-quality product, save on materials, and guarantee that it can be used for many years. Each set of Shunhao high-quality compression molds is made through strict procedures.

Among them, the last action is mold testing, that is, the final inspection of the mold.

The cost of testing a set of molds is about $100, which includes electricity, raw materials and labor.

Testing Details of a Set of Moulds

1.    Check whether the electroplating quality is qualified.

2.    Check the shape and weight of the product, whether it conforms to the confirmed design.

3.    Check whether the product is easy to demould. If it is not easy to demold, Shunhao will modify and improve the mold.

4.    Check if they are a perfect match for matching products, such as lids, bowls, etc.

In addition, we will send the final test samples to customers for final confirmation, which will have international express charges.

With these tests, the customer's molds are ready to use as soon as they arrive at the customer's factory and are quickly used in production.

Shunhao machine and mould

When you think that Shunhao's molds are more expensive than other mold factories, you can seriously think about what kind of molds you need.

We believe that a set of molds with guaranteed quality will be your final choice.

In addition to quality-assured molds, Shunhao Mould Factory also brings the latest industry information, new design styles, and the most intimate one-stop service for you. Shunhao will always be your most assured partner.

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