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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
Why is Shunhao Brand Automatic Edger so Popular? Feb 22, 2022

The automatic edger for melamine tableware has been a bestseller since its inception.

In 2017, our research team began to invest in research costs, made improvements on the basis of bilateral work, and finally decided to produce an edging machine that works on one side, which is more suitable for the adjustment, maintenance, and convenience of operators in the melamine tableware factory.

automatic edge grinding machine

In 2018, the first-generation automatic edge polishing machine began to be tested. The first-generation automatic edging machine has 2 stations, only coarse polishing and fine polishing, without cloth wheel function. During the period, we removed some accessories with unsatisfactory functions and long lifespan, and replaced them with better accessories; we also adjusted the action of the machine many times.

In June 2018, it began to export the first generation of automatic polishing machines, 5 sets, which were successfully operated abroad. Till today, customers are still satisfied with the running quality of these 5 machines.

automatic edge grinding machine for melamine tableware

In 2019, SHUNHAO began to study the second-generation automatic edger with cloth wheels. In addition to coarse polishing and fine polishing, cloth wheel polishing can also be performed on the edges of melamine products, and the quality of tableware has been greatly improved. Melamine tableware factory work efficiency is further improved.

In May 2019, SHUNHAO brand 4-station and 5-station automatic edging machines with finished products were exported one after another, which was approved and supported by more customers, which gave SHUNHAO's work team greater confidence.

5 station automatic edge grinding machine

SHUNHAO is committed to making more and greater breakthroughs in the production of melamine tableware, and working hard to improve the production efficiency of melamine tableware, solve the technical problems of workers, and the difficulty of factory recruitment. Welcome more melamine tableware factories to join the team of SHUNHAO brand and develop together!

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