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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine
  • Melamine Ware New Designs Sharing Nov 25, 2022
    Melamine tableware is formed by melamine resin powder heating and pressing in the melamine ware compression moulds by operating the automatic hydraulic molding machine. Melamine tableware is used in the catering industry and children's catering industry due to its lightness, beauty, low-temperature resistance, and non-fragile properties. Melamine manufacturers continue to innovate in varieties and...
  • Why is Mold Processing Structure Design so Important? Feb 23, 2023
    Today Shunhao Machine and Mold Factory will share with you the importance of mold processing and structural design. The quality of the mold is closely related to its structural design and processing, so it’s so important. The mature mold structure not only takes into account the product material properties, shrinkage rate, molding temperature, elastic tensile deformation coefficient, etc. bu...

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